Strip & Seal Vinyl Flooring Cleaning

Yinyl Flooring Cleaning

Strip and sealing is the same concept as we paint the walls to maintain the look and shine of the surface. Strip and sealing is simply laying new coats of sealer to the vinyl floor in order to protect the floor from minor damage. As vinyl flooring is made of several materials, care must be taken to protect the surface from getting damaged.

Are your vinyl floors looking old and worn out? Get in touch with SEQ Cleaning & Maintenance. We specialize in providing professional cleaning, stripping and services for all your vinyl, hardwood, linoleum and natural stone floors. Basically, vinyl flooring is used in areas such as nursing homes, kitchen & laundry, shopping centres and more. In order to achieve the perfect results, we provide effective cleaning and polishing services at competitive prices. Our vinyl floor professionals employ state-of-the-art equipment and technical expertise to maintain the long-term protection.

Our professionals have acquired the desired acumen along with years of experience in the floor cleaning industry. We bring out amazing results, leaving the entire surface clean and restored to a pristine state. We service both residential and commercial clients. With effective equipment and safe chemicals, your floor can look neat and sparkling once again. Vinyl floor cleaning is an investment in both the appearance as well as durability. We are capable of completing all types of periodical vinyl floor maintenance, including strip, seal and polishing. Materials that can put your family in danger aren’t in our product portfolio; hence, we only use non-toxic finishing agents.

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